Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Ten-Minute Essays: Possible Topics 07

Question: What can I write about in my ten-minute essays?

Answer: Write on any topic you choose. Below are hundreds of possible topics (continued).

stress; stubborn; students; study habits; stupidity; style; success; suffering; suicide; superior person; superstition; surgeons; suspicion; swearing; symbolism; sympathy; tact; talk; taste; tavern; taxes; teaching; teamwork; tears; technology; television; terror; theater; theme; theory; thinking; thrift; time; toast; tolerance; tools; tornado; tragedy; trains; trait; tranquility; transportation; travel; triage; true believer; truth; tyrants; understanding; uniforms; unity and multiplicity; universe; universities; utility; values; vanity; victory; villain; violence; virtual; visual; vocations; volcano; vulgarity; war; water; wealth; weapons; weather; weddings; widows; will; winter; wisdom; wit; witchcraft; wives and husbands; wonder; wood pile; words; work; world; writing; wrongs; WWII; youth.

This list ends the possible topics you could use in writing your 10-minute essays. Next, I am going to provide some examples of 10-minute essays written by students in my English classes in college, together with my corrections. These examples should help to make you more comfortable with trying your own ten-minute essays.

All the best. RayS.

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