Tuesday, August 7, 2007

10-Minute Essays 02: Some Possible Topics.

Question: What can I write about for my 10-minute essays?

Answer: Write on any topic you choose. Below I list hundreds of possible topics.

achievement; adults; adversity; advertising; advice; affluence; age; aggression; agriculture; alcoholism; altruism; ambition; America; anecdotes; anger; animals; anti-Semitism; argument; art; athletes; attic; attitude; authority; automation; autumn; babies ;barbers; beauty; beggars; behavior; believers; best-sellers; Bible; biography; birds; blockheads; books; boredom; brain; bravery; Britain and the British; Buddhism; budget; bureaucracy; business; camp; campfire; capital punishment; cares; carousel; cause and effect; censorship; challenge; chance; character; childhood; children’s books; Christmas; circumstances; cities; citizenship; civil rights; Civil War; civility; civilization; class (social); classic; cliques; clouds; college; comedy; committees; common sense; communication; competence; competition; cooperation; complaint; compromise; computers; conceited; concentration; confidence; conflict; conscience; consciousness; conservation; conservatism; consistency; Constitution; contradictions; conversation; courage; creativity; crime; crisis; criticism; crowds; cruelty; culture; cultural differences. (To be continued)

Tomorrow: more possible topics.

All the best. RayS.

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