Monday, December 17, 2007

Professional Journals on Writing 31

What is the value of the five-paragraph essay?
Gives students a framework (a model?) for organization. Byung-n-Seo. English Journal (Nov. 07), 15-16.

How prepare writing assignments?
Need to revise once-favorite writing assignments to make them more relevant to today’s students. SA Jolley. English Journal (Nov. 07), 23.

How help students define the writing process?
Ask students to complete the following sentence: “Writing is like….” G van Nest. English Journal (Nov. 07), 98.

How can writing teachers improve relations with the community?
Use our skills in writing and teaching writing by working cooperatively with groups in the community. S Schneider. College English (Nov. 07), 144-167.

What is “voice” in writing?
“Voice” in writing reflects the personality of the writer. P. Elbow. College English (Nov. 07), 168.

Why write memoirs?
Student wrote a memoir as his dissertation. Mother disagreed with the facts of an incident when he was diagnosed with cancer. People might disagree with “what happened” when one writes a memoir, but it doesn’t matter. Facts of incidents may be remembered differently by different people. Although you learn to define yourself by writing memoirs, they are also written for others—a way of participating in the experiences of life. W Bradley. College English (Nov. 07), 202-211.

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