Monday, December 10, 2007

Professional Journals on Writing 26

Beginning your writing
. “Always begin your story with a short, strong sentence.” WH Hills., The Writer (Apr. 07), p. 8.

Publishing “Then [1887 at the founding of The Writer] as now (alas), few writers got rich off their words.” C Leddy, The Writer (Apr. 07), p. 9.

Writer’s Block. Running is a way to generate ideas, according to Malcolm Gladwell of the New Yorker: "I explicitly use this time to work out writing problems.” K. Elde. The Writer (Apr. 07), p. 9.

Ideas for writing. Listen to others’ stories and write them. PM Avery, The Writer (Apr. 07), p. 16.

Writing process Most writers write in order to discover. R Bausch. The Writer (Apr. 07), p. 23.

Audience. “Readers shall take what they will or won’t; I can’t allow myself to worry about it. Truly, it’s just the story, telling the story with as much vividness and exactness and force as I can.” R Bausch. The Writer (Apr. 07), p. 25.

Writer’s block. Try writing a 1,000 word sentence without concern for punctuation, spelling, etc. J McCorkle. The Writer (Apr. 07), p. 28.

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