Monday, October 25, 2010

Topic: Crazy Thoughts

10-second review: Take 5 minutes to write some crazy ideas.

Title: “Bumper-sticker Wisdom for Writers.” LA Jashaway-Bryant. The Writer (August 2009), 46-47.

Summary: Practice five-minute “Crazy writing.” Quote: “Set a timer and write down the craziest ideas you can think of for five minutes, and only five minutes. The short time frame is important because it helps you focus and doesn’t give you enough leeway to let your thoughts stray to other ‘more important’ things you should be doing. It doesn’t matter what you put down on the page…. Record them all. Keep every thing that spills out, and later when you have enough crazy thoughts, organize them into categories. This is a great way to boost your creativity….”

Comment: An approach to encouraging creativity and another exercise in brainstorming. Interesting idea. RayS.

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