Monday, October 4, 2010

Topic: Coming Up with Ideas

10-second review: There are millions of ideas out there. What you have to do with them is….

Title: “Developing Compelling Story Ideas.” K James-Enger. The Writer (June 2009), 8.

Quote: “Where do you get your ideas, anyway?”
“How many times have  you been asked this question? What writers don’t realize is that the problem isn’t coming up with ideas—there are millions of them. The harder, more time-consuming part is taking the ideas, coming up with an interesting or newsworthy angle, tweaking it for a particular market, and proving that it’s timely, interesting and important to the publication you’re pitching.”

Quote: “Think of what’s important to you and those around you, and you’ll have no shortage of ideas.”

Comment: The Writer magazine prints a number  of articles that encourage discouraged writers. This is one of them. RayS.

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