Thursday, January 17, 2008

Review of Questions on Writing by RayS. in 2007.

Continuing the list of questions I have already answered about writing in 2007. The date at the end of the question is the date on which I have published my answer. Just go to the “Blog Archive” on the right of the blog. Click on "2007." Click on the month and find the date and my answer. Many thanks to those who have responded to “Q & A on Writing.” I had fun writing it. Some of you have expressed gratitude for my explanations and I appreciate your comments. It will take several days to finish my review of the questions that I have already answered.

What can we learn from writers on writing? Wednesday, June 6, 2007.
What should I do before writing?
Why write?
How can I get started writing?
What’s the purpose of brainstorming?
How can I prepare to write a piece of fiction?
What is my purpose in writing?
What are some aids to creativity?
How can you tell if a piece of fiction is effective?
How prepare for writing?
How can you tell if people are “real” writers?
How do I start?
How can you make your writing interesting?
Should you talk to others about what you are writing?
How do writers write?
How can you learn to write?
What are some successful titles?
How catch a reader’s or theatergoer’s attention?
What is style?
Why revise and edit?
What makes a good movie?
What should you never start a sentence with?
How organize your writing?

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