Friday, November 9, 2007

Professional Journals on Writing 10

How introduce students to writing in the workplace? Devote an entire unit to using models of different kinds of genre that might be used on the job. Bring in people who have to use those genres, lawyer’s briefs, etc. [Source Unknown]

How use stories in writing? “...are woven through my arguments, persuasion and analysis. Stories help me to make abstractions clear, help me explain what I mean, provide...specificity to concepts.” The Writer Qtd. By KR Morgan (Nov. 02), 111.

How can teachers “model” writing? Teachers first have to think of themselves as writers—reflect on their own writing processes—before they can teach writing by modeling their processes. CR Frank. Language Arts (Mar. 03), 185-195.

What are some interesting writing assignments? Students use the New Yorker types of writing as models—”Talk of the Town,” “Profiles,” “Reviews,” “Letter from….” PL Martin. Classroom Notes Plus (Oct. 02), 8-9.

How can you check the organization of your writing? Put your topic sentences individually on separate index cards. Mix them up. Partner tries to put them in order. Check if the partner’s order is your order. J Gritter. Ideas Plus #20. (2002), 11-12.

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