Friday, November 2, 2007

Professional Journals on Writing 05

What is meant by “correcting” writing? RayS: I think most writing teachers label [“awk.” “Not clear.” “subjunctive,”etc.], rather than actually correcting errors, requiring students themselves to figure out how to correct. Since students don’t understand what the labels mean, they do not know how to begin to correct the problems themselves.

How are the four traditional modes of writing used in the real world? Advertisers use the four traditional modes of discourse: descriptive, narration, exposition and argumentation. FJ D’Angelo. College Composition and Communication (Dec. 78), 356-361.

What is Rogerian argumentation? State the issue objectively; summary of the other people's point of view, showing that you understand their point of view; statement of your point of view with reasons; statement of what the differing opinions have in common; proposal to resolve the differences in a way that injures neither party. AA Lunsford. College Composition and Communication (May 79), 147.

How prepare students to write argumentation? Prepare for writing argumentative papers by writing dialogue. L Rockas in RL Larson. College Composition and Communication (May 79), 209

How approach grammar as science? Another reason for teaching grammar may be that the study of grammar can help students discover how to collect data, formulate and test hypotheses, draw generalizations—in short, it can help students learn to approach grammar as the scientist does. C Weaver. Grammar for Teachers. NCTE/ 1979, 89.

How can students practice writing? Students watch a scene in a movie. They then describe the scene—re-create it in writing. H Hoffner. Reading Teacher (Sept. 03), 788-80.

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