Thursday, January 20, 2011

Topic: What Is Publishable?

Question: What is a book editor looking for?

Answer: “When someone says, ‘This manuscript is the new Twilight/ Gossip Girl/ Harry Potter/ Wimpy Kid/’… I’m usually pretty skeptical. We’re more interested in creating trends, rather than following them. The books that tend to excite me are those where I start reading and I think, ‘Wow, I’ve never read anything like this before’ or ‘I have no idea where this is going but I can’t wait to find out.’ ” Magan Tingley, editor, Little, Brown.

Comment: I notice that I’m looking for something similar to ‘I have no idea where this is going…’ even in the novels and stories of Henry James. RayS.

Title: “What Book Editors Want.” Maya Rock. The Writer (January 2011), 30-33.

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