Friday, December 3, 2010

Topic: Revision

10-second review: When revision becomes dawdling.

Quote: “If you start to revise before you’ve reached the end, you’re likely to begin dawdling with the revisions and putting off the difficult task of writing…. I never go back until I’ve written the last page.” Pearl Buck. 1963. P.144.

Comment: That’s why I recommend a complete, quick first draft. Otherwise, I start revising and I almost never complete the writing task.

Someone once said, “Nobody can teach you to write. What they can tell you is how they write.” Writers have a right to their own methods of revising. However, I have found that Pearl Buck’s method of completing the draft before going back to revise is the method that also works for me. If I start to revise before I finish the draft, I find I usually don’t finish. RayS.

Title: The Writer’s Digest Guide to Good Writing. Thomas Clark, ed., et al. Cincinnati, Ohio: Writer’s Digest Books, 1994.

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