Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Topic: How to Begin to Write (4).

Purpose of this blog: Topics related to how to write.

10-second review: “There are no rules about what constitutes a proper seed. It can be a character, a name, a situation, structure, overheard dialogue, a setting, a theme, even a vague feeling.” P. 8.

Title: “Where Can You Find the Seeds of A Good Story?” Alexander Steele. The Writer (October 2010), 8.

Comment: Or an idea. Below are some ideas to use as springboards for writing. From my book, Teaching English, How To…. Raymond Stopper. Xlibris. 2004.

Possible Topics for Writing (continued).
Meetings. Melancholy. Memories. Men and gods. Mercy. Metaphor. Middle age. Midwest. Military. Mind. Miracle. Misanthrope. Misfit. Mob s. moderation. Modern. Monarch. Mood. Moral responsibility. Moral victory. Morality. Morning. Mothers and motherhood. Motives and motivation. Movies and books. Multimedia. Murder. Mysticism. Myth. Names. Nationalities. Native Americans. Nature. Necessity. Negotiation. Nemesis. Neurosis. New England. News and newspapers. Night. Nonchalance. Nonconformist. North and South. Nostalgia. Novel. November. Nuclear war. Objectives. Objectivity. Obscenity. Obscurity in meaning. Obsession. Obstructions. Occupation. Old age. Opera. Oppression. Orator, oratory. Order. Organizing and organizations. Originality. Owls. Oxymoron. Pain. Parents and children. Paris. Parties. Past. Patience. Patriotism. Peace. Peace Corps. Pedant. People. Perception. Perfection. Personality. Perspectives. Persuasion. Philadelphia or any other city philosophy. Physicians. Pioneers. Places. Planning. Play. Plays. Pleasure. Plot. Poets and poetry. Points of view. Politics. Polls. Possessions. Posterity. Poverty. Power. Pragmatism. Prayer. Prejudice. Present, past and future. Presidency and Presidents. Press.

To be continued.

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