Monday, October 1, 2007

Ten Minutes a Day

Question: How can I practice my writing?

Answer: Try writing ten minutes a day. Use one of the hundreds of topics published previously in this blog. You will develop the habit of and a facility with writing.

Try "Flash Fiction." Write a short story in 55 to 100 words, not counting the title which should be no more than two words. This idea came from Harvey Stanbrough. The Writer (Jan. 07), 34-37.

You will find an extensive list of topics for writing used by the SAT at

Type the word quotes into Google, select a quote that causes you to want to express yourself and write for ten minutes.

You will be amazed at how writing will become almost a habit, almost as natural as speaking and reading, from spending just ten minutes a day in writing.

All the best. RayS.

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